Art and Craft Exhibition

Exhibition Day in South Perth
Exhibition Day in South Perth

The South Perth Art and Craft Exhibition was held on Sunday 18th November 2012 at McDougall House in Como, Western Australia. The day was spectacular, with blue sky and sunshine, and a bit of breeze. At times the breeze did get a bit too strong to allow for any actual work to be done, as papers and loose items were being swept away.

The turnout was steady all day, without being overwhelming, and we had a nice position on the covered verandah right at the entry, so most people stopped to talk on their way past.

There was the usual questions of 'do you repair old books', which may have turned into a couple of potential new members. There was plenty of interest in the spring backs from Jo, both large and small.

Claudia Gina, Melissa, Tony, Jo and Margaret were all present, so this was a good turnout by members. Material and tools on display were from Claudia, Jo and Tony, so not only was there a good collection, but quite a variety as well, giving attendees plenty of different things to talk about.

One gentleman also mentioned that the latest Carbatec catalogue had a feature on bookbinding tools. The feature talks about Frank Wiesner from Queensland, who has become quite famous for his hand made traditional bookbinding tools. To see the article, check out the Carbatec web site, Our web site is also listed as somewhere to look for additional information.