Beginners Course Completes

Course attendees working on a slipcase
Course attendees working on a slipcase

This year has seen a big increase in the number of people interested in our courses, so we have offered two beginners courses, an advanced course, a photo album course and a box making course so far this year. All have been comfortably well attended, and there is sufficient interest for us to offer at least one more beginners and one more advanced course this year. Keep an eye out on our Events page for the dates when they are announced.

With new instructors running the beginners course there were a few teething problems, quickly overcome, and all the attendees were very happy with their books. Our Facebook page is also gaining some interest and has a number of photos from the courses.

Laying out the cover

Laying out the boards for the cover before gluing it together, this is one of the last steps. The cover goes together very quickly from this point, and then the book block is glued in.

Working out the size of the slip case

Once the book itself is completed, measurements were taken to determine the size of the matching slipcase.

Overall this was a very pleasant course, with everyone enjoying it and getting lots out of it.