Box Making

Padded Jewellery Box
Padded Jewellery Box

The Guild held a box making competition at the recent monthly meeting. The criteria included any box made using book binding techniques and materials, keeping it nice and broad, whilst helping to encourage the practicing of skills. A number of excellent entries were provided, with about twenty people providing votes.

The winner was a small clam shell box made for a leather bound book. The clam shell had sliding pins to enable the box to be locked shut. Other boxes were a superbly made jewelry box that closed into a cube, but had three small trays inside; a box of trays designed to hold a fountain pen collection; a box for holding calligraphy equipment; a straightforward but excellent box designed to protect a 240 year old leather bound book; and a box for organising embroidery threads.

Small Lockable Clam Shell

This box used only board and book cloth with two small pins to make the locking mechanism. The two sliders are recessed and have enough clearance to allow for easy movement of the lock.

Fountain Pen Collection

This box consisted of four drawers, each with an elaborately made set of curved recesses for holding a fountain pen collection.