Catch Up Course A Success

Preparing the Corners in 1/2 Bound
Preparing the Corners in 1/2 Bound

In the past few months there have been a number of course attendees that could not make all the evenings, or who otherwise did not manage to finish off all the projects. We offered these people an opportunity to have an extra evening where we would try and get them finished.

Four people took us up on the offer, two had missed the first book in the beginners, one the last book in the beginners, and one had not finished the leather bound from the advanced course.

This variety made it an interesting challenge for Jo and Tony taking the evening, but it worked out very well in the end. All attendees were very pleased with the results, and the workload was not as frantic as can sometimes happen in the nornal course schedule. See our Facebook page for more photos.

Our two scheduled courses for October and November have already filled up, which is very pleasing, and we have a full schedule ready to post for next year. Our first course for 2015 will be a beginners course in March, so if you are interested, let us know, or keep an eye on the Events page. The last two filled within two weeks. Courses will also be announced on Facebook.

Two very different results

These two finished their pamphlet bound books with no problems at all. By choosing different spine cloths and different cover papers, the books look completely different. These both had a heavy cartridge paper in them, making them ideal for small sketch books.

Finishing a tight backed book completed the beginners course from the beginning of the year. This was a very successful evening, and one we may repeat next year unless everyone finishes everything within the standard schedule.