The Compactus Book

Compactus Book Talk
Compactus Book Talk

We had an excellent presentation from a conservator at the State Library at our most recent meeting. The talk was about the restoration of a book that had been crushed by a compactus at the library. It had fallen down behind it and been undiscovered for more than a decade. When it was retrieved the book had solidified into a crushed mess.

The talk went through the process of softening the pages so that they could be straightened out, all the types of repair that were done to the pages, how the cover was put back together and lots of questions about the finer details of the process.

Interesting in itself, the talk also provided encouragement to anyone that is looking to repair books, in that it showed what could be done with a bit of knowledge and equipment, and lots of time and patience.

A big thanks to Tim and the State Library of Western Australia.