Guildford Heritage Day

Bob and Jo at Guildford
Bob and Jo at Guildford

The Guildford Heritage Day is a very pleasant day with plenty of activities for all. We were placed between the heritage garden tools and the heritage prams and dolls, although there were plenty of coffee stalls, horse rides, vintage tools and machinery, embroidery stalls and more all within easy walking distance.

The day was beautifully sunny, but unfortunately we were in full sunlight. This meant that the books were in danger of sustaining some serious damage, so we spent the first hour rigging up shade and moving everything around to try and limit the damage. Fortunately Frances came to our rescue with the delivery of a couple of lengths of heavy shade cloth. This allowed us to provide substantial shade without compromising the access for visitors. This will be an essential piece of planning for our future events.

There was a steady trickle of people throughout the day, with some interested in undertaking the introductory course, and others asking about professional binding services. The flavour of this year appears to be dictionaries, rather then the traditional bible. As always there are one or two of the older folk who have done binding themselves. We had one person who used to do decorative leather work, and it would have been good to have someone to call on for demonstrations etc, but he was long since out of that business.

We have also received an invitation to participate in next year's Moondine Festival in Toodyay, as it is a bit late to get organised for this year.