Guildford Heritage Festival, 2014

The Military
The Military

The Guildford Heritage Festival was a very pleasant day this year. Unlike last year when the sun was hot and strong, this year the weather threatened to try raining, without ever managing to do so. As a result, crowds were limited to start with, but once everyone realised that the rain was holding off and the weather was cool and pleasant, many turned out.

The riflemen were out in force again this year, and although they made everyone jump when they fired their rifles, at least this year there was not the flocks of birds to be startled as well.

We had lots of requests about finding someone to rebind old books, with all the usual suspects: dictionaries, bibles and miscellaneous cookbooks and similar. Some were interested in making books, and we hope to see some new members in the near future.

The show gets larger every year, and it is pleasing to see the numbers of attendees grow together with the stall holders.

Getting the stand set up

As this fisheye photo shows, we started with an empty space next to us. However a couple of wandering minstrels set up shop there and we had pleasant instrumental music for the majority of the day. On the other side we had a calligrapher, demonstrating her art.