Lots of Boxes

Nested boxes
Nested Boxes

Guest Andrew, a professional finisher, brought along a most impressive array of work for us to view. As a professional finisher and binder, he has found that an easy way to show customers what he offers is to have them in a nested set of boxes. This makes it very easy to carry around, but also shows off the level of detail and precision available.

Every box in this picture fits inside another. At the very centre is a very small book. Each box shows a different style, with cases, covers, Solander and more. Some are finished to look like leather covered round back books, others simply show off an extraordinary level of gilding and detail. Unfortunately the picture does not do credit to the work on display.

For those that are looking for ideas, tips or inspiration, take the opportunity to talk with Andrew and see what a master can do.

In the picture, the large orange case at the top left is the outer box. The two open halves in the centre fit together to look like two books. The spines of these two 'books' are visible in the outer case. Next is the leather covered round back, top centre, followed by the green Solander box. Next is the grey 1/4 bound 'book', also a Solander. Next is small blue case, and lastly the pink and red one at the bottom left. Inside this one can be seen the very small book.

This was very well done, and a big thanks to Andrew for showing us.