Marbling Course

Vesile Yilmaz Teaching Marbling
Vesile Yilmaz Teaching Marbling

The first of the marbling courses was held on Febuary 9th. It was an all day affair, with a full attendance. Outside it was 38C, but inside it was just a hive of activity. The course was an introduction to the Ebru style, by Vesile Yilmaz. Vesile was great, and the day went very quickly. Turkish music was even supplied to put us in the right mood.

In summary, the course was excellent. Most attendees probably had some inkling of what it was going to be about, but few had any idea that it was going to be so much fun and, under Vesile's guidance, so easy to produce the beginnings of some very good work. Check the gallery over the next few weeks to see some examples of this.

Vesile covered five or six different techniques, as well as covering topics such as mixing dyes, removing problem areas, where to purchase and many, many more. The peacock design is a traditional bookbinding pattern, and it was fantastic to see how this was made. I think we will all be trying to perfect this and other techniques. Maybe if we get accomplished enough, Vesile might be able to get us on to more complex styles. There is no doubt, however, that marbling will be in evidence at the next Royal Show.

There is another course scheduled for the beginning of March. There are still a few places left. This will be well worth the effort if you like hand crafting books, silk or any other items that would benefit from marbling techniques.

Vesile's work can be seen at Mandurah Marbling.