Miniature Books

Winning Miniatures
Winning Miniatures

Last year we introduced some small competitions into the monthly meetings. We had a couple in 2015 and have now had the second for 2016. The miniature books competition is a great way for those that are not yet confident of their skills to have a try at something that does not take too long, nor use a lot of materials.

This year saw 13 entries, which is excellent. All were of the highest quality, and the range of ideas was extensive. The constraints were simple. No single dimension was to exceed 65mm. Some entries were presented in boxes or on stands that were larger than this, but the book itself was not.

The smallest book was about 10mm square, whilst the largest was 65mm in all dimensions, with a total of a staggering 1200 pages. The competition saw entries from a number of new members, which is always encouraging. Here are some photos from the competition, with more available on our Facebook and Instagram pages over the next few weeks.

Small with Box

A lilac leather and silver lined book from Jude took out first prize (above). The silver lines on the edges of the block certainly helped this on stand out from the crowd. The book is about 65mm high.

A 5 section stitched 1/4 bound book in kangaroo leather and coconut fibre paper with a matching solander box from Tony was second. The book was 20mm x 30mm, and the box was 30mm x 45mm.

Book of Leaves

Claudia's book of sayings was made to look like a set of leaves, and took out third prize. The book is approx 65mm in size, and the box a liitle larger.