New Interactive Book on Bookbinding

eBook Cover, on iTunes
eBook Cover, on iTunes

Jo and I have finally managed to finish our eBook on bookbinding. It has taken the best part of a year to create this interactive book on how to make your own books.

The eBook, being interactive, is only available for the iPad and Mac, as none of the other readers can deal with embedded videos, interactive images, popups and more. On the iPad, however, the book comes to life. It has many illustrations, step by step instructions, a gallery of books for inspiration, four book projects, and is very reasonably priced.

The eBook has sections on material, equipment, basic processes from cutting and gluing through to sewing, folding corners and more. The four projects are a single section (or pamphlet style) book, a paperback book, a square back sewn together, and then a square back sewn on to tapes.

We hope that you all enjoy it, and we look forward to creating the next one which will contain more advanced techniques. The book is now on sale. Click the button to go to book on the store. You can download a section for free to see what the book is like before purchasing.

Interactive Diagram of Press and Plough

Here is a screen shot showing an interactive diagram of a press and plough. As you tap on the various components in the picture, it zooms and moves, and provides an explanation of the part you are interested in. Other types of interactive elements include short videos of how to do kettle stitches and corner folds, lots of popup explanations and sidebars, and lots and lots of photo galleries.