Orange Books

Book With Built-in Closure
Book With Built-in Closure

The first meeting of the year saw the presentation of the first round of orange books and boxes. The idea was a casual competition to see who could use the unwanted orange book cloth in the best or most useful way.

There were five entries displayed, and all showed interesting uses of the cloth. Some took the opportunity to try out or practise techniques that they had not done often. We hope to see more of these at the next meeting.

The book of orange books had a page for each non-childrens book with the work Orange in the title. There are only a few. It also featured hand sown headbands in orange and black, and a built in closure that slotted into the end of the front cover and kept the book firmly closed.

Jewellry Box

This was a nicely made jewellry box with an internal tray and lots of small compartments underneath. This was a first for the maker, and showed plenty of skill.

Quarter Bound Journal

A large journal quarter bound in black leather was presented. The image on the front was inlaid black cloth, and the image and spine offset the orange very nicely.

Orange Segments Book

These two sections of an orange are the first part of a larger construction that will look like an orange when completed. The slightly see-through nature of the cloth was exploited to provide a segment look on the covers.

Orange Shoe Box Style

A nice shoe box style box was used to practice the box making techniques. This one is suitable for an A5 sized book.