Royal Show Success

Prize winners
Prize winners

We are slowly getting more and more entries for the Royal Show competition each year. This year there were eight different prize winners over the four categories, all of whom were members of the Guild. This is a great result, and as many of these as possible will be featured in our gallery as we get good photos of them.

As always, we hope to have a debrief from the judges at the next monthly meeting, so that we can all learn a bit more about what they were looking for, and why each item was chosen.

These are the results for 2012 Royal Show Creative Crafts/Bookbinding section:

Best Exhibit in Bookbinding - RAS Sash. Tony Lock
Novice - Any Book First: Margaret Bodsworth
Second: B Jeanne Powell
Third: Shannon Hamilton
Hard Back Binding First: Tony Lock
Second: CB Kurowski
Third: David Millhouse
Book Art First: CB Kurowski
Second: JL Montgomerie
Third: David Millhouse
Box Making First: David Millhouse
Second: JL Montgomerie
Third: Robert Crowe

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to those that put entries into the Show.