Royal Show Success

Royal Show Entries
Royal Show Entries

The results of the Royal Show competition are now available. As always, a big congratulations to not only the winners, but also to all those who took the time and effort to put entries in. This year a special thank you to member Barbara for the tremendous effort with her class of Year 3 students, all of whom received a special mention.

Last but not least, this year a collection of boxes, rather than a book, won the Best In Show sash. A fantastic effort from Bob to make 15 boxes. We will all be looking forward to the October meeting when we can see these up close.


Best Exhibit In Book Binding Robert Crowe
Novice First - Colin Smith
Second - Barbara Tuxworth
Highly Commended - Meagan Evitt
Highly Commended - Anisha Atrish
Highly Commended - Kristy Tran
Highly Commended - Charley Fisher
Highly Commended - Mariam Khalil
Highly Commended - Matthew Han
Highly Commended - Gracie Bradley
Highly Commended - Amber Campbell
Highly Commended - Sinfiny Jane Hansord
Cloth Binding First - Tony Lock
Second - Judith Montgomerie
Third - David Millhouse
Leather Binding First - David Millhouse
Second - Robert Crowe
Third - Tony Lock
Book Art First - Judith Montgomerie
Second - Colin Smith
Third - Joanne Shoobert
Box Making

First - Robert Crowe
Second - Tony Lock
Third - Judith Montgomerie