South Perth Open Day

Setting Up At South Perth
Setting up at South Perth

We were invited to participate in the annual South Perth Arts and Crafts Society open day, as they manage the buildings that we operate from. This is usually a fairly easy day, with a few hundred people rather than the thousands that we get at other events. We asked for, and received, an indoor space this time, as we have been caught out with some bad weather previously. Luckily we did so, as there was some rain and wind again this year.

There were four of us who took turns talking to people who came through, with a few visitors quite keen. We may see some at courses or members in the future. There was the mosaic group, the potters, lace, quilting and knitting groups, a photography group who shared the room with us, some painters, a sausage sizzle and more.

Overall it was a good day, not too much preparation and set up, and we were looked after well by the SPARCS people, as we always are.