Unusual Plough

Vertical Plough
Vertical Plough

Member David was recently given a most unusual plough and press. They were obviously both craft made, but had some very interesting ideas incorporated into them.

The press was designed to be fixed by clamps to the edge of a table, and could be set up for both left or right handed use. The press operated in the horizontal position. That is, the book lies flat on the table, and the press itself is vertical. This is opposite to the usual press and tub arrangement of the more traditional fashion.

The plough was designed so that the handle (taken from a wooden wood working plane), worked at the top of the press, and the blade projected downwards. This makes the action very smooth, although the thumbwheel advancing the blade through the book block needs to be operated independently of the handle, making it a two handed operation. The blade is fixed on one side of the handle, so it is not easily operated by left handers, although it would be easy enough to permanently change over if required.

One distinct advantage of this arrangement is that the book is not subjected to gravity whilst it is being held in the press, so that it is very easy to line it up correctly before tightening the press.