Yapp Magazine

Yapp from 2011, full of interesting information

The Guild publishes a magazine to all members every two months. The magazine, Yapp provides a number of interesting articles, details of forthcoming events, contact with the other clubs in Australia and more. Yapp is published both electronically and through the post, and is a great way of staying up to date with the activities of the Guild. Some past articles from the Yapp are also republished on this web site, where you can easily locate them using the site search feature. Other magazines available to members which are forwarded electronically include the following:

  • Raised Bands, from Canberra Craft Bookbinders Guild
  • Morocco Bound, from NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders Inc
  • NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders newsletter
  • Signature, from the Victorian Bookbinders Guild
  • ABC, from Association Of Book Crafts (NZ) Inc

All these guilds have strong memberships, and will welcome visitors to their meetings. Refer to their own websites for details.